In the beginning, God created everything in heaven and on earth. When He was finished with this great and glorious event, He declared it was good! He was very specific and detailed in all that He created, and it was truly a beautiful thing to behold. Before He moved on in His sovereign plan for all that He created, He spoke words of life concerning the man and the woman. The first union on earth set the stage for all other marital relationships.


Then, due to the fall of mankind in Genesis 3, a cataclysmic shift took place, which opened the door for sin, selfishness, and the need for a Savior. Now, they would be thrust into a perpetual war zone because of their choice. Everyone would be subject to this conflict whether they wanted to or not.


Marriages are a particular target in this war, as God designed it to be a means to display Himself through this relationship. Thus, Warfare Prayers was birthed to provide a tool for victory in the fight. This short, thirty-one-day journal will equip husbands and wives with the necessary skill set to defeat the enemy. It comprises the Word, a devotional reading, questions, and a place to write your own prayer. If read purposefully and prayerfully, this book will be useful and provide the necessary tool for victory, which is prayer.

Warfare Prayer for Marriages: A 31-Day Prayer Journal