Join us as Dr. Sheila D. Poole takes us back to the basics, helping us to meditate. muse and mull over the Word of God so that we can do better!

Scheduled to broadcast: 11/13/18 12:00pm – 11/13/18 1:00pm



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where we are Illuminating the Pathway to Purpose Through the Teaching of God’s Word. We have been set in this city as a light on a hill which cannot be hidden. We have been commissioned by God to bring this city under heavenly influence by developing sons to bring glory to the Father. We have a mandate from God to teach people how to live the scriptures in their everyday lives. We truly believe that the Bible has the answer to every situation that we face in life. Therefore, we challenge the people of God with “What does the Word say?” in regards to their marriage, ministry and mission in life.
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